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Neuhaus is a notable Belgian chocolatier that manufactures and sells luxury chocolates, chocolate truffles, biscuits, and ice cream. The company was founded in 1857 by Jean Neuhaus, a Swiss immigrant, who opened the first store in the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert in central Brussels.

Neuhaus chocolates are horrible, waxy, and sugary, they have a bland flavor, no bitterness balance, and fillings are insipid, according to TinuvielSydney at

"My husband bought a praline box but the chocolates were disappointingly waxy and sugary. Even the dark chocolates had a bland flavor profile with none of the balance of bitterness or acidity one would expect from a fine chocolatier. The fillings were uninteresting and insipid, occasionally downright unpleasant. Apparently, Neuhaus invented the praline, so I thought they would be good. Avoid."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They won’t fire you, they’ll just take you off the schedule instead 🙃 The employees suck Everyone tries to be a manager although they aren’t. Employees are very cliquey They are strict on the uniform policy - white collar shirts, black pants, and black shoes (no sneakers) The workers speak in Spanish so you don’t understand them when they insult you There isn’t much variety in the type of employees they hire They want you to tell them when you’re going to the bathroom There are no lockers to store your belongings - Everything is housed in the bathroom. The employees are very catty and rude! They will complain about your uniform if they feel it is untidy. So be sure to iron!"

Former Employee - Customer Service Associate says

"Awful management , old systems and micro managed. The staff are provided close to no training. This is not a place for a go-getter. It's for people who cannot find work elsewhere. Pay is different for different staff as well."


"- Most of the employees are hispanic and they speak Spanish while talking about people who are in front of them! - NO Training process - Lots of snooty employees - Hours aren't consistent - Very organized - New employees are treated very poorly. - Schedules are sent at the very LAST minute."

Former Employee - Admin says

"Former CEO did not listen to his staff. Current CEO seems to give more opportunities."

Former Employee - Assistant Store Manager says

"High store targets, with constantly moving goal posts. Long hours and unpaid lunch breaks. Salaries are not always paid on time. Staff contracts were only issued to managers, not to sales assistants or assistant managers. Small budgets for staffing and unrealistic targets- lone trading is common. Communication is usually done over the phone- very rarely in writing. So it is very difficult for managers to ensure job security for staff members or to defend their decisions made based on verbally communicated information. Senior management often forget details of these phone calls or say they never took place. Criticism of performance is constant and little effort is made to motivate or help store management and the teams. Promoted staff members moving up the ranks must pass a 3-month probation period in their new position, during which they are paid at the rate of their previous position. After probation, it is usual for HR to take another two to three months to correct one's salary to the higher rate. They never back pay interim months. They may decide, after the probation period, that the position is "no longer available"."

Sales Engineer says

"If you don't have a great deal of partners, a considerable practice in the particular engineer equipment and a specific ability to treat different retail customers, it won't do."

Sales Associate says

"In order to avoid providing benefits to sales associates (even those who have worked there for 3+ years), all positions are part-time. Also, even during the busiest seasons (holidays), HQ avoided paying overtime by cracking down on store managers if they had to shell out OT pay. As well, HQ seemed too far away from the issues surrounding retail in NYC. They tried to implement European retail practice in what was clearly a New York neighborhood, where being too friendly or relaxed can have the opposite effect on increasing sales. Management at HQ required daily sampling, as a means to educate the customer base on the quality of chocolate and to push certain products. But most of the time, this just led to hoarders and moochers who would come in daily for a free sample and leave without ever buying anything, even during high season. Most importantly, HQ did not take security measures seriously for the employees, even after a couple dozen incidents of shoplifting and at times, harassment from the odd homeless person, average weirdo or recovering drug addict that wandered in. Two of the (then) three locations in NYC had been robbed at gunpoint, and no further security measures were implemented."

ouvrière de production (Former Employee) says

"Neuhaus est une entreprise qui promet beaucoup aux gens mais qui ne s'engage plus ensuite.Neuhaus jette les personnes qui veulent travailler et qui savent suivre dehors et ce sans donner la moindre excuse valableNeuhaus ne pensent pas à leur personnelle mais rien que leur production!!Je n'ai aucun point positif à donner à cette boite.aucunaucun avantage"

Gestion de vente (Former Employee) says

"1 weekend sur 2 ils s'en foutent si vous travaillez hyper bien pour l'entreprise ils vous remercieront avec un simple merci et pas de augmentation de salaire travailler beaucoup plus qu'un simple vendeur pour un salaire non indexé. votre salaire a le même montant qu'une personne qui parle qu'une langue même si vous parlez plus de 4 langues les collègues sont les best ! ils sont marrants et ont de l'empathie ! ils sont très aimable et compréhensible.chocolats à volonté, LES collègues sont très drôle et aimable.l'administration et les gérants sont incompétents"

Flagship manager (Former Employee) says

"Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere! Toxic environment, clueless leadership and micromanaging to the nth degree from Belgium. Great chocolate to enjoy, not an enjoyable place to work!"

travail a la chaine (Former Employee) says

"Chouette equipe, droit a gouter du chocolat(lol), c est un peu dur quand on travail a la chaine.café gratuit, autorisation a manger du chocolatdur"

OUVRIERE DE PRODUCTION (Former Employee) says

"arriver au boulot préparation de la chaine, si responsable absente, prenait sa place, distribution des postes, gere les produits journaliers faire en sorte d avoir une bonne organisation, pour facilite tache a l equipe..."

ouvrier polyvalent (Former Employee) says

"trop de prefairence groupe et bruit de couloire mauvais entende parmis les ouvrier rien n'ai remis en place et ocunne ecouter de personnelle a problemelieu soigneusfauster des gens"

Parts/Sales (Former Employee) says

"good people good attitudes and learned alot also get to meet lots of people.."

Magasinier (Former Employee) says

"Travail a journée longue, difficile pour les hommes. Aspect agréable d'un point de vue salaire."

préparatrice de commandes (Former Employee) says

"Bonne experience bonne esprit d'équipe mais en tant qu'intérimaire.. Salaire motivant" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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